Anne-Marie Passebon

I was born in Montreal, Canada in 1957.

I studied at College of Old Montreal in 1976.
The decor in the theatres was what set me off painting.

After travelling abroad for many years, I developed various styles.
I learned Classical watercolour in Cameroon with a Vietnamese painter
M. Lap N’Go and also in La Rochelle, France with a Parisian painter Mrs.
Gene Peyrole.

I started to work classical watercolour and my first exhibition was in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 1999.
My first exhibition, by myself was in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in 1999.
Gradually, the figurative style gave way to a free figurative style.

I remain faithful to the medium of watercolour pigments. My technique veers toward the abstract.
And now, I’m working with watercolour on canvas. I build up layers where the water and pigments produce surprising results.

The spontaneity of watercolour combined with the transparency of Japanese paper along
with the effect of chance gives meaning to my work.

I hope you will enjoy visiting my site.
If you want further information, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer
any queries.

Enjoy your visit!